SCRIBE – (noun) – “A member of the learned class who studied writings and scripture;  served as writers, copyists, editors,  teachers, story tellers and jurists.”

The ‘scribe’, in history, was the individual who recorded and kept all aspects of life, law and lore in writing. They were the King’s confidant, the Queen’s letter writer and the people’s favorite ‘keeper of stories’. They were the one who welcomed you into the world with a hand-written declaration of birth, the person who wrote your marriage decree and penned your death certificate, as well.

When we designed this website, we thought the name “scribe” would be fitting for what Steve has built in The Reeves Group – a company that honors the very tradition of the scribes of old – and “5” simply because that has been Mr. Reeves’ lucky number throughout his life.

Thus, was born. We hope it’s simple, friendly language and layout is helpful to you, and that we’ll soon have the pleasure of welcoming you to our client family.