TRG & Ozone – Contact Us

TRG (The Reeves Group) has been offering both residential and commercial Ozone remediation (or Ozone flooding ) services for some 15 years, and using residential Ozone devices for more than 3 decades.

We’d welcome the opportunity to introduce you, your family or your staff to the crisp, clean experience and the health advantages of Ozone treatment in your home, office or work space.

We have the equipment to generate Ozone adequate to sanitize a small office to a large manufacturing plant, and everything in between. We’ll also be happy to Ozonate your car, truck, RV or yacht as you direct, and we hope to become your long-term friends in the Ozone generation business!

We think you’d benefit from reading “Ozone Is The Answer”, the “Ozone Fact Sheet”¬†and other areas of this website.

To contact us, please e-mail us at: We look forward to being of service!