Ozone Prep (Caution!)

Ozone Preparation – “Preparing for Treatment”

In preparation for Ozone remediation, the following are prudent steps that we recommend:

(01) Assure that the treatment area will be completely free of any living, breathing beings for the treatment period plus 2 hours afterwards. This includes people and pets (including birds). Assume that ozone gas kills all things organic. Fish in tanks are not affected, because airborne ozone will not penetrate the water surface.

(02) Post warning signs (you can print our recommended signs from the links at the end of this page) at all entrances to the area, and ‘seal’ doors as necessary (we recommend using yellow ‘caution’ tape) to avoid entrance by persons unable to read/recognize the signs (children younger that the reading age or persons who do not understand the English language).

(03) NO ONE can enter the treatment area during the treatment time or for 2 hours following the treatment. Not even for a moment. NOT AT ALL!

(04) Areas beyond doors are safe for people and pets as long as the doors remain tightly closed during the treatment period or for 2 hours thereafter. Note: If you can smell the ozone, the doors are not sealed well enough; vacate the premises immediately.

(05) Please post signs and issue advance notices  (these can be printed using the convenient link sat the end of this page) three days before and on the day of treatment.

(06) If someone has a need to inquire about the treatment, please refer them to the phone numbers on the warning signs and notices.

(07) Please have the requested posted signage, posted notices, extension cords, platforms, etc. on site and in place 30 minutes before we are scheduled to arrive to set up for the treatment. We won’t be able to begin treatment until the warning signs have been posted.

(08) Please assure that no one will handle the ozone generation equipment other than our trained personnel. This is for their safety as well as the welfare of our gear.

(09) When our personnel give the ‘all clear’ after treatment, all operations may resume and personnel may re-enter the treatment space with no regard to the now dissipated ozone gas. There will be a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness and fresh smell of the air (ozone has a bi-product of only fresh oxygen and it kills all odor-causing molds and mildews) and there will be no film or chemical after-effect (nothing to clean up) of the Ozone treatment.

* Treatment notices and WARNING signs are available in printable PDF files below:

Ozone treatment warning notices:

Ozone – 3-Day Notice  (post three days in advance; leave up until treatment day)

Ozone – Treatment Notice (post in place of 3-day Notice, on the day of treatment)

Printable Ozone WARNING signs  (we recommend you use bright yellow or red paper):

Ozone Sign 1 (landscape layout)

Ozone Sign 2 (portrait layout)