“Imagine a safe, all-contact (contacts everything!) sanitizer that eliminates airborne odors, cleans air, surfaces and fabrics/textiles of allergens, bacteria, viral strains, fungi, molds, mildews, etc., and leaves only rain-forest fresh oxygen as a result!”

Can we continue working in our office while it is treated with Ozone?

No, ozone gas is not safe for humans (or pets) to breath, so while we’re running the Ozone generators, including up to two hours after they’re turned off, the area being treated must be void of any living, breathing being.  As soon as the TRG Ozone expert gives the ‘all-clear’ following an Ozone treatment (often done at night, so it won’t interrupt the work routine), you can occupy (and enjoy the clean air and sanitized surfaces) of your freshly Ozonated office.

How often do we need to Ozone treat our church?

We offer Ozone contracts for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly twice-annual and annual treatments. We can also come anytime you need us by appointment. The frequency depends on how often the space is used (Is the church rented out? Do you have frequent events during the week?), how clean you wish the space kept and what your budget is for Ozone sanitization.

Can I just buy an Ozone device or one of the filtering fans that produce Ozone?

Yes, for your home or as added air filtration in your office, but don’t confuse residential air-filtering devices with commercial Ozone generators. These commercial devices produce high concentrations of Ozone (3000+ mghr) that are unsafe to be present for and sanitize the environment. The residential “fans” produce less than .1ppm of Ozone that is allowed by law for a space occupied by people. They aren’t the same thing.

Can I buy Ozone at a store or online in bottles?

No. Ozone must be produced on site and so it cannot be bottled or transported. It has a half life of 20 minutes. It is the 02 molecule (Oxygen) with a temporary, unstable third molecule, and for the brief time it retains that, it is becomes the 03 molecule (Activated Oxygen).

Does Ozone interact poorly with other chemicals, paints and lacquers?

There has been a “documented” case of a space adjacent to a poorly (inadequately) isolated Ozone treatment area where the application of fresh (wet) floor sealant (a lacquer), applied at the same time Ozone was being produced, resulted in an unpleasant smell. In the hundreds of Ozone remediation projects we’ve been responsible for, Ozone gas was carefully confined and no other wet chemicals were introduced, so we’ve only had very positive results.

Can I operate a rental unit in one area of the house while occupying another?

As long as the treatment area can be closed off (tightly; close doors and seal beneath them with damp towels) from the area you’re in, you’ll have no problem. The gas has a distinct smell, often experienced in a lightning storm (natural Ozone production) or when operating photo copiers (artificial Ozone production). The rule is that if you can smell it at all, you need to vacate.

Can I operate or rent one of your commercial Ozone Generators?

No, sorry. Only our service personnel can operate and oversee these units. They have many hours of orientation and training and are the only folks that we’re comfortable with caring for these units.

How large/heavy are the Ozone generators?

 Unlike the vastly less efficient units we started out with (that often required two men to move them), our current inventory of Ozone generators are relatively small, lightweight units and feature their own circulating fan. Rental units are about as heavy as, and no large than a business briefcase.

Does the Ozone generator have a “deteriorating” factor?

Yes. Ozone generators create Ozone by one of two methods. These are by “Corona Discharge” or “UV Light” methods. Either the special UV light bulb (lower output units) or the Corona Discharge Plate(s) (higher output/commercial units) wear out and must be replaced after a specified amount of time (operating hours). This deteriorating factor is calculated into our rates and should not be of concern to you.

What level of Ozone is safe to breathe?

The rule is, “If you can smell it, the concentration of Ozone is too strong to be safe.” All of our rental and commercial equipment generates sufficient amounts of Ozone gas to sanitize the air, fixtures and fabric/textiles in the treatment area, and is therefore UNSAFE for any living being, person or animal, to breathe. The EPA, USDA, OSHA set the safe to breathe levels at .1 ppm (parts per million) for an 8-hour exposure, and our equipment can generate up to 7,000 mghr (milligrams per hour) of pure Ozone gas, which when accumulated in a treated space over a period of a three-plus-hour treatment, achieves many times the safe concentration (.01 ppm) in the air.

Why the 2-hour “safe” period after treatment?

Ozone requires time to dissipate once we stop generating the gas. Ozone (the 03 oxygen molecule) has a half-life of 20 minutes. The 2-hour “safe” time assures that all the gas has dissipated and all that’s left is purified oxygen (the only bi-product of Ozone).

Can we rent an Ozone generator for longer than specified in the rate chart?

Yes. Please let us know how long and what type you desire, and we’ll provide you with a quote within 24 hours.

Is Ozone sanitization good for my wife’s allergies?

Yes! Ozonated air is the cleanest breathing air in the world. Ozone attacks and renders inert hundreds of allergens, as well as mold, mildew and fungi (causes of many allergic reactions). Plan on having your home or office Ozonated at least monthly during the peak allergy season. CAUTION: There is no circumstance in which a person or pet can be present for either the treatment period or for two full hours thereafter.

Does TRG handle water emergencies?

We can rush Ozone equipment to the scene rapidly, and get it up and operating to avoid the hassles and damage that mold and mildew can do. Remember, Ozone kills (and prevents the formation of) molds and mildews, and does it all without chemicals. The repairs must be made by someone in that business (plumbing and/or construction), though.

Will Ozone help with my septic tank odor in my RV?

Yes! We recommend flushing/cleaning the septic tank first (even after an Ozone treatment, the smell may return if the source is still present)  and then flooding the recreational vehicle with Ozone. The treatment will get into the carpets, upholstery, everywhere the odor is, to leave your RV smelling fresh and new.

Should I use a fan to move the air and spread the Ozone around?

You may wish to use a fan, and are welcome to do so if you wish. Our professionals use a fan in churches and auditoriums (large treatments spaces), but most residential and office environments do well with the unit’s internal fan.

Our yacht gets musty and odor-ridden after the winter. We also sometimes get holding tank odor. Will Ozonation help with that?

Yes! As a yachtsman myself, I use a small ozone generator regularly to freshen the air and kill mold and mildew that seem to regularly find a place in my yacht. We can treat your yacht, you can rent a unit and you can treat your yacht or we sell and can recommend a unit that was made for yachts and becomes a permanently-mounted item that you turn on when you leave (it features a timer and shuts off 30 minutes later). 

What about pet odor in our home and carpets?

Let us treat your home with Ozone. You’ll be delighted with the results! Ozone completely irradicates the odor and often the source of the odor. Ozone destroys anything organic!

Can we use Ozone instead of caustic chlorine and bromine in our pool and spa water?

Yes. You’ll need a water infusion unit (an Ozone machine for infusing gas into water) and to hard wire it to come ‘on’ when  your pool or spa filter does (we recommend an electrician), but the water is crystal pure and without any of the chemical side effects of traditional water treatments.

How often do you recommend sanitization of a medical or dental office?

We most often do monthly service for medical and dental offices, and in cold season, we often double up on those. We also sell a great office machine that many medical/dental offices leave on (it has a 120 minute timer on it) for a couple hours a week.

I own a boutique motel in Sacramento. I know that there are Ozonators that can erase cigarette smoke from the rooms. Do you have these?

What you need is a tough, lightweight commercial Ozone generation machine, and we have just the one that will Ozonate the room between check-out and check-in times. Contact us at amigosteve@gmail.com and we’ll tell you all about it!

Can Ozone be used where we’ve had a fire in our home to remove smoke odors?

Yes! Ozonation is the only way to remove smoke odors from everything short of removing/replacing everything. Remember, Ozone gets into all the drapes, carpeting, upholstery and the air.  All the impossible to clean places that smoke can get, Ozone gas can get too.