Ozone Is The Answer

How The Reeves Group (TRG) Got Involved With Ozone

In 1982, I kept a suite of offices in Napa, California, where I conducted businesses for 25 years. I had the occasion to prepare a resume for Ms. Mardelle Milton, and we became good friends in the years that followed. She, and her friend Richard Olson (soon to also become a good friend of mine) returned whenever they were in the area (they hailed from the Carmel, CA area) and we’d catch up on how they were doing, what they were doing, etc. It was during one of these visits that they introduced me to a device known as a residential Ozonator, set it up in my office, and changed my perspective on true air purification forever.

“Ozone is a naturally-occurring or artificially manufactured gas that can remove the mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses, allergens and odors from the air and environment around us, without caustic, toxic chemicals and with nothing to clean up!”

Now Richard and Mardelle were into many alternative-type devices, and I found their adventures very interesting because most of these devices worked!. The Ozonator, a small portable device, produced a gas that rendered many of the allergens in our office inert, and also killed the various molds, mildews and bacteria (even in the fabrics, carpets and on the counters and desks) that are part of a modern office. It also killed viruses and fungi, and left behind only the freshest, sterilized air!

I was skeptical at first, but when I saw (and experienced, over time) what the ozone generator could do, I was sold on the use of ozone as an air and surface sterilizer,  became convinced that it had much to offer both the residential and the business communities and started the process (with Richard Olson’s help) of researching and investing in the product infrastructure that would equip The Reeves Group to offer the services we can today.

Now, some 32 years later, I still enjoy the fresh-smelling (Ozone is the ultimate odor killer) environment of an Ozone-pure workplace (bug, bacteria, virus, fungi, allergen, mold & mildew FREE) and home, and I’ve put my Ozone producing machines (commercial Ozone generators) to work for many a happy customer over the years. I’ve “Ozone flooded” or “treated” cars, trucks (big and small), buses, yachts (eliminate that mold & mildew problem that comes with the damp environment!), houseboats, numerous residences, recreational vehicles, churches, gathering halls, auditoriums, medical & dental offices, hotels and motels, large produce processing plants, schools (gymnasiums and classrooms), restaurants & commercial kitchens (Ozone is wonderful for food!), offices and office buildings, etc.

“Imagine a safe, all-contact (contacts everything!) sanitizer that naturally eliminates airborne odors, cleans air, surfaces and fabrics/textiles of allergens, bacteria, viral strains, fungi, molds, mildews, etc., and leaves only rain-forest fresh oxygen as a result!”

Compare that to the toxic side affects of the myriad chemicals (Chlorine, Bromine and Benzine for instance) necessary to clean only a fraction of what Ozone does, and I think you’ll agree that Ozone is the answer!