The Type-5 Format

Most of our resume clients seek a resume that is rich in both content (what you say) and in layout (how you present it). To achieve this important goal, we’ve developed the Type-5 Format, a layout and formatting process that has become a time-proven document format and has rocketed many resumes to success.

The Type-5 Format is a special and ‘proprietary’ DTP (desk-top published) layout that involves the selection of specific fonts, various type sizes, and bold typeface choices that emphasize your field of expertise and qualifications, and the placement of graphic lines combined with strategically placed body content which ‘balances’ the document.

The result is a very pleasing and easy-to-scan (interviewers place a high value on being able to scan the document in about a minute) formatted layout that “leads” the reader’s eye to the various parts of the resume document naturally.

Clients and employers have both complimented us on how very effective and ‘easy’ the format is … and we’re happy to offer to write every resume in either the ‘standard’ or Type-5 format. ¬†Note: It’s much more cost effective to have your resume created in the Type-5 Format vs. having a ‘standard’ resume re-formatted after the fact.

Whether you direct us to have the document formatted in the standard or Type-5 format, the ‘content’ will be identical. The Type-5 Format adds the very noticeable “jump off the page” effect that interviewers and interviewees (especially those who are mailing their document to a prospective employer) are looking for.

NOTE: Because we value our proprietary format, we don’t publish samples of the Type-5 Format to anyone in advance. Perhaps you’ve seen a resume that features the Type-5 Format? If not, allow us to do yours using this impressive layout, and we think you’ll understand it’s value right away.


“I had my resume done in TRG’s Type-5 Format, and that was a very good decision on my part. It turned out that the interviewer was very impressed by the format I used, and hired me based not only on my qualifications, but on the impact of my resume.”

– C. Whithoust, Dallas, TX


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